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Local Walks

Located in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside within the fertile valley know locally as “The Garden of Eden”, the Pig and Abbot is surrounded by footpaths through agricultural land and quiet country roads.  Due to this idyllic location there are many walks available to patrons of the Pig and Abbot beginning and ending on the door to the pub.  What better way to work up an thirst for the selection of real ales on offer, or to burn off Pat’s famous Sunday Lunch?  


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Walk 1: Church Ring (2 miles)

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Leave the Pig and Abbot (1) and turn left, then left again following the sign (2) to Church Lane. Walk down to the church. If you want a diversion, have a look inside and sign the visitors book Otherwise, keep right (3) and pass by the farm entrance and cottages, all to your left. You should now be heading down a leafy track and not into the farm. Continue straight ahead; the track becomes a path, crosses another track and goes into a copse. It seems to run into an open field, but, turn sharp left (4) (following the arrow) and walk around the field edge until you join another farm track. This will take you in a straight line across open Cambridgeshire farmland to the road. Turn right (5) onto the road and continue towards the "Black Barns". Watch out for traffic on the road but there is good visibility for walkers and drivers. Turn right (6) at the sign towards "Abington Piggots". There is a blind corner just ahead as the road exits the trees, then keep walking until you enter the village, pass the pond on you right and continue past the Village Hall returning to the Pig and Abbot and a well deserved drink!